Posted by: jacstar | September 26, 2008

Marked by P.C. + Kristin Cast

So I thought I’d post my thoughts on this mediocre book.

The concept is different. It’s Harry Potter meets vampires (vampyres) meets Janet Evanovich. The story is about a girl who becomes “Marked” – this means that she is on her way to becoming a vampyre.

Unlike some vampire novels, this one is unique in the sense that everyone is completely aware of the existence of vampyres – you don’t get “bit” in order to become one, and not everyone who is “marked” overcomes the “change.”

No one knows how or why some are chosen versus others, and once you’ve been chosen and marked there is nothing you can do to reverse it.  Once you become marked you have to go to the “House of Night” to learn about your new life and the changes that will occur over the next few years.

The House of Night is a school for vampyres and this is why the story reminds me of Harry Potter. The Hogwarts School of Wizardry is similar to the House of Night. There is magic involved in both.

This story is of Zoey Redbird, different from all other first year “fledging” students. She must overcome the change and feels specifically chosen by the Goddess, Nyx.

The story is ok and you learn to like this Zoey girl – she’s tough and she doesn’t take crap from the snooty popular girls.

What I didn’t like about the novel was the way it was written. I generally don’t like novels written by two authors because you can tell when the writing styles change. This however, is a mother-daughter team. I am under the impression that the mother wrote the book, and the daughter added flavour to make it young and fresh. The only problem with this is that she adds her flavour in parentheses.

Sentence. Sentence (side note). Sentence (inner thought). Sentence. Sentence (note to self). Sentence (hand gesture).

It’s like the TV Show Family Guy, when one of the Griffins says something and then they have a flashback or “clip” to explain the sentence. It absolutely works in Family Guy. In Marked – it becomes absurd.

If you like the simplicity of Janet Evanovich’s writing style, you’ll likely enjoy the Cast duo. If you can see past the overuse of parenthetical nonsense, the story is bearable. It’s full of pet cats and receives brownie points for slipping in a “your mom…” joke.

Otherwise this is just like watching a good movie with a terrible script.

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