Posted by: jacstar | September 27, 2008

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk

Here is the twisted story about a group of writers with writers’ block. They answer an ad to have this cured. Basically they all think they are going to a secluded place for a month to focus on their thoughts and write the best story known to man.

Once they get there, they realize it’s nothing more than a prison. They are locked inside a house with enough food to last the month but it wasn’t the paradise they were expecting. Haunted is a collection of short stories within a longer story. The short stories are of how each character came to be in the house, and the longer story is what they do when they are there.

Believe me, it’s gruesome! I was reading this book through squinted eyes hoping nothing would come out and get me.

They compete in a twisted game of “who can survive the worst amount of pain and suffering” so that when they leave the house they will be the one with the most gut-wrenching but heroic survival story.

If you want to read a thrilling novel about the lengths that people go to – then this is the one. Though I recommend reading this on an empty stomach, because you just don’t know what will come up.



  1. OK – You convinced me. I am definitely going to put this one on my list to read! Hey – I didn’t know this author is the same individual who wrote “Fight Club, which they turned into the movie!”

  2. Indeed it is 🙂 and he wrote another book called “Choke” which will be a movie in the very near future 🙂 and it’s starring Sam Rockwell so it should be pretty good

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