Posted by: jacstar | October 2, 2008

Betrayed by P.C. + Kristin Cast

This is the second book of The House of Night series. Zoey and her friends now have more responsibilities as they attempt to lead their elite vampyre club – The Dark Daughters.

Even though things have changed and Aphrodite is no longer in charge or holds any power, there is a new rival to fight. It becomes increasingly harder to find and capture an enemy that they cannot comprehend. Zoey remains strong, positive, and determined and with the Goddess Nyx on her side she will not fail.

It seems that Zoey is this average girl who desperately tries to “fit in” and not be a “freak” wherever she goes. But despite her attempt to blend in and be normal instead of an outcast – she seems to attract the attention of the hottest guys. She dated the hottest human at her high school prior to the change, she is dating the hottest fledging (pre-vamp who has been marked but has not completed the change) and she is flirting with the hottest adult vampyre. Just once I’d like her to have an average love interest. Or what would be stellar – if she falls in love with Damien, her gay friend who will never return her feelings…. THAT would be a good story.

The Cast duo made some changes from the first to second novel in this series. For one, they seemed to have lost the need to over-use parentheses. But to compensate, they decide to reiterate everything that happened in the first novel. I understand having to remind readers in the first few chapters, and making the book easy to read for those who skipped out on the first novel but the author(s) seem to do this for more than 200 of the 310 pages! That is a little extreme.

Not only that, but they reiterate many things in the same novel. For example, Zoey’s grandmother likes to refer to her as the Cherokee word for ‘daughter’ – so this is said about three times in the story and each time we are told that it’s the “Cherokee word for daughter” – really, who are these novels geared towards? The writing style (using repetition) would suggest a pre-teen, but the sexual nature would suggest otherwise. I feel the books are likely meant for a teenage reader, but in a way, it’s beneath them. *Note to the authors, know who you are targeting and write for your audience.

But like the last novel getting brownie points for using a “your mom” joke, this novel gets a few brownie points as well.

First, to the snowball fight. It was a simple one-liner from one of the Twins towards Damien, but it made me laugh nonetheless.

Second, for the Ewan McGregor reference. Can’t go wrong with that!

And third, the expression Stevie Rae made when the Twins described Brokeback Mountain. Priceless.



  1. I absolutly loved this book. It made me actually cry for about an hour because the friendship of stevie rae and zoey remind me so much of me and my bestfriends friendship

  2. I agree – the Stevie Rae ‘incident’ made me shed a tear… it broke my heart to say the very least.

  3. I haven’t read this book but I want to. I loved marked it was awesome. does anyone know where I can download this book for free cause I can’t afford to buy it.

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