Posted by: jacstar | October 19, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

This is the fourth and final book of the Twilight series and I’m very sad to see it end.

It was the perfect conclusion to a fabulous series with everything you need to feel satisfied. It’s a happy ending for almost everyone. But alas I’m moving along too quickly.

The novel starts with the beautiful Cullen wedding and it was written so well I felt that I was attending it myself.

Alice organized and planned the wedding for Bella and Edward and she didn’t miss any details whatsoever. Bella’s dress was ideal for her and even though she doesn’t have the flawless features of a vampire, all eyes are on the bride. She is absolutely stunning. All clumsiness aside, she doesn’t falter once as Charlie walks her down the aisle.

They say their “I do’s” and are off to the surprise honeymoon. Edward has kept this a secret and Bella has no idea where she is going. Alice packed the bags so she can’t even predict the weather.

As time and money are of no object the honeymooners are able to enjoy every aspect of the island they are on.  In what seems like no time at all, Bella discovers that she is pregnant. Because the child is half-vampire, half-human they decide not to take any further risks with the ‘monster’ and  their honeymoon is cut short.

At this point the story is told from Jacob’s perspective. He discovers that Bella is pregnant and  thus the tribe finds out as well. The tribe makes a decision to kill the monster before any trouble comes to Forks and the rest of the human population. Jacob is now completely torn. He agrees the child should be killed but doesn’t want to kill Bella in the process. The pregnancy is clearly hard on her and she has no chance of survival.

A bond is formed between Leah and Jacob because of their unrequited love for Sam and Bella respectively.

The novel then changes back to Bella’s perspective.  She explains the pain and torture that she receives in the process of childbirth and her ultimate survival. Too soon the Volturi find out about the abomination of the child vampire and as this breaks the biggest vampire law they make a snap decision to destroy the baby and all those involved in the process. Given that the Cullen family has supported Edward and Bella thus far, they are all targets of the Volturi.

A bigger war is at hand and again the werewolves are involved. At this point I was a little disappointed. There was so much build up to this war and not enough action. I believe that Meyer made her point but I still would have liked to see a bigger battle.

The story ends just after the battle and it may have well ended with  “and they all lived happily every after.”
I did love this novel and this entire series, I think I just wanted a little more. Who am I kidding? I wanted a lot more – why did it have to end at all?!


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