Posted by: jacstar | October 24, 2008

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

This is the first book of the Southern Vampire series, also known as the Sookie Stackhouse series. It’s about this cute, little, blonde-hair, blue-eye, telepathic woman (Sookie) who has a fixation with vampires.

Sookie lives and works in a small southern town and hopes every day that a vampire will walk into the bar.

Vampires have a right to live in this town (in this world) and most places actually keep bottled synthetic blood on hand, in the event that a vampire ever decides to pay them a visit.

 The story says that one day a man gets infected with a virus which makes him pale-skinned, allergic to the sun and silver, ‘thirsty’ and basically undead. Even in this novel part of the story is myth but you’re left to make of that whatever you want.

One day Vampire Bill walks into the bar where Sookie works and her life is turned upside down. She soon learns that she is unable to read the minds of vampires and she feels much more relaxed around Bill.

Basically from here on out (this only brings us to the second chapter) the book is about sex and death. I would recommend it to anyone who can deal with that! It’s a light read and it’s pretty entertaining. It must be, considering it is now an HBO series called True Blood.

I have yet to see the TV show, but I will for sure be reading the rest of the series.

I cannot emphasize enough how sexual this book is. No one told me that when they recommended it. I heard “it’s a great read, fun, fresh and exciting” and “If you like vampire stories then this is the series for you” – why didn’t anyone say “oh and PS, it’s erotic and slightly pornographic?!”

I still would have read the book, but maybe not in public. I found myself at all shades of red and constantly paranoid that someone was lurking over my shoulder giving me the “tsk tsk” for bringing this book out into daylight.


It is a great read – but you’ve been warned.



  1. Hehehe… I’m glad I read this comment!! Same thing happened to me! People recommended this book without ever saying anything about something erotic in it!! hahahaha…
    I will still read this book though! But I’m glad I now know a little bit more about it and what to expect!

  2. Hi Natalia!

    That’s exactly what happened to me. It was recommended to me several times so I read it. But I was so embarrased to be reading this book in public. At least two thirds of the book is just about sex.

    Book 2 is not nearly as sexual – but there are still some heavy duty sexual scenes. I’ll be writing this review later today hopefully.

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