Posted by: jacstar | October 31, 2008

Books into Movies and their creative fans

So this post is merely to vent out my frustrations on the Twilight phenomenon. I have to say that I fell victim (like many people out there) to Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. It didn’t take me long to read all four books in the series, buy all the collectibles, and anticipate the up and coming motion picture. I find myself joining Twilight communities, meeting new Twilighters, googling new information, and youtubing new clips and trailers and things.

I am all for people making comic book scenes, drawings to music, or pictures in slide show format. I think it’s great that people are as passionate as I am, more creative, and are willing to share their work. But alas, here is where I start venting. If you put together a slide show of pictures of a movie (Twilight) to a song (any song of your choice, but say one that’s in Twilight also for argument sake) then please do NOT add pictures of other movies.

Rob Pattinson plays Edward Cullen in Twilight. Fabulous. He also played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series. Equally fabulous. Putting a slide show together called “Twilight”, featuring music in Twilight, with clips of Edward and the other characters, is excellent… Throwing in random shots of Cedric – well now that is just a slap in the face.

Cedric Diggory does NOT equal Edward Cullen. Yes, they were both done by Rob Pattinson but really folks they’re different. If you want to put together a slide show of Harry Potter vs Twilight, by all means – but at least label it accordingly.

And another thing – amateur spoof films – they are not remotely funny and no one is interested. You want to make that on your spare time, go right on ahead – don’t waste my time by posting things like that on the Internet. They only get hits because of how it’s labelled and people are royally disappointed with what they see… disappointment followed by venomous rage.



  1. I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of either series. I never got bothered with Harry Potter at all and I haven’t gotten swept along in this Twilight phenomenon.

    But I agree to a point – if you want to make a fan film of Twilight, keep it with the Twilight actors and actresses. You want to make a fan film of the cast? Fine, THEN make a combination movie.

    Although I don’t think there’s anything wrong with spoof movies online – some of them are made by fans with the best intentions. Perhaps they get lost along the way, but the initial idea is all through love of the book or movie?

  2. Obviously I disagree with that last comment – a spoof (specifically by amateurs) is usually not made with best intentions for love of the book or movie. It’s a poor form of dogging it.

  3. What’s Twilight? lol.

  4. I wrote a review on all four books in the Twilight series should you like to peruse the site a bit 🙂

    Basically it’s a book series (written by Stephenie Meyer) that has swept nations far and wide and everyone is highly anticipating the motion picture set to release on November 21st in North America. Because of this the new Harry Potter film was pushed back to summer of 2009.

    I believe the Twilight film has already been released in some countries in Europe, like Italy – but I can’t be too sure.

  5. @ Jac Star re. spoof.

    I’m not too sure whether that’s the case. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and there are numerous spoofs online re. the movies. I think they’re pretty funny, and even George Lucas (the creator of Star Wars) has said that “Troops” (one of the spoofs in question) is one of the best things he’s seen.

    Also, look at Jack Black – a self-confessed Lord of the Rings geek who spoofed the famous creation of the Fellowship scene for the MTV Video Awards. That was obviously made with love, and you could see Peter Jackson giggling away at it.

    I guess it’s just where you draw the line at spoof and satire? 🙂

  6. or mayhaps it’s how much time and effort is put into creating it… The ones i’ve seen are crap

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