Posted by: jacstar | November 9, 2008

Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris

living-deadThis book is the second in the Southern Vampire Series – also known as the Sookie Stackhouse series.

Sookie Stackhouse now has a business agreement with Eric – the head vampire in her small little town. Eric loans her service out to the vampires in Texas and some new characters are introduced. There is a 1000 year old vampire who wants to commit suicide. He wants to take out as many vampires in the process.

There is a religious cult that goes by the name the Fellowship of the Sun (or something similar). This is a clan that wants to kill all vampires in the name of God. They also like to kill humans who associate with vampires – very ethical by religious standards (insert eye-roll here).

In Shreveport (which I believe is the small town where Sookie is from) there is a Maenad. I believe this is a mythical creature which appears as a naked woman in the woods. But she’s strong and vicious.

All I can say is that I sure hope the rest of the series is better. The one thing that I liked was that it didn’t dwell too much on the first book. It jumped right in, assuming you’ve already read the first adding a few sentences here and there as a refresher.

Honestly, by the end of the book I had forgotten half of the stuff that had happened in the beginning, and this is not a good sign given the book is less than 300 pages long. Often times, I couldn’t remember the title of the book so when people asked what I was currently reading I would have to fish it out of my purse to give an answer. Also, not a good sign.

This novel is not as sexual as the first. This can be good or bad depending on what you’re into. It still has some juicy sex scenes including an orgy, so for those that like it – it’s still there, it’s just lacking a bit.

It’s got some controversy – Harris flat out compares the Fellowship to the KKK. It’s a decent comparison from what I know (which to be honest, is not very much regarding the KKK). The whole issue turns my stomach and I prefer NOT to know what these cults get up to.

I found Sookie to be more annoying in this story. She’s clever, which I like, but she’s just so ridiculous to Bill – her loving boyfriend. She fights with him over things that should just be forgotten. Instead of buying her a sweater, Bill buys her an entire mall. Instead of saying “thank you” she explodes with rage and walks out on him.

There is another very powerful scene – a murderous shootout. Bill gets defensive, given that he just watched a bunch of his friends die, and he chases the shooters. This doesn’t seem to me like a very abnormal response. But instead, Sookie leaves Bill claiming that he is just too vampire for her and not human enough…. Um… Whatever.

If you’re judging the book soley on the cover, I wouldn’t waste my time reading this novel either. It’s horribly cartoonish and gives you the impression that coffins fly.

Anyways, everything works out for everyone – and I’m not so inclined to read the next book in the series. I’m sure I’ll get there but there are far better books on my list to be read first.



  1. That is a cool cover for a book.

  2. Hey! Great site. I found out from one of y’alls hubbies on Twitter!

    Blessings, Rachel

  3. Ha Yona – you’re all legs too – that’s why i changed my pic.

    I wasn’t a big fan of the cover, took away from the seriousness of the book – flying coffins – psha

    Hello Rachel! That would be me, or my husband rather…

    I look forward to reading and reviewing your books very shortly 🙂

    Thanks for checking us out!

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