Posted by: jacstar | December 4, 2008

The 39 Clues (The Maze of Bones, Book 1) by Rick Riordan

39cluesThis book is considered to be for ages 9-13, but honestly, it’s a book everyone can enjoy.

The fate of the world is resting on young Dan and Amy Cahill as they travel the world on a quest to find the secrets of their family history. They are up against several other Cahill teams, and have a few enemies outside the family as well. There are 39 clues to solve, and they are only given the first. Each clue leads them to more hints and they struggle to identify what exactly is a clue, and what is just a clue to the next clue. It’s bad enough that they are the youngest team, with absolutely no money and no ideas on how to proceed, but it appears everyone in the family is against them. All want to find the most powerful treasure and they are all certain that Dan and Amy hold the answers.

They are told to trust no one. Amy has a phobia of crowds and she hides from people. She must gain strength and overcome her fears, and this is just the challenge to help her to do so. Her younger brother Dan, doesn’t always grasp what he’s supposed to be doing in this quest, but he’s great with numbers, puzzles and locks, he likes to collect things that seem useless but always come in handy later in the game.

The two siblings are able to read each other’s minds. Well not really, but they are able to read expressions and communicate with ease, never having to open their mouths. I wish they’d use this talent more often though, you’ll see why once you read the book.

The best part about this story, is how interactive it is. It comes with trading cards and a link to the website. Once you register, you are able to collect clues and solve the puzzle and ultimately have a chance to win a prize.

So read the book, get involved, and play the games! The fun is endless.


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