Posted by: jacstar | December 10, 2008

Stray by Rachel Vincent

strayStray is about a werecat named Faythe Sanders. Something like 10% of the werecat population are females and one by one these females are disappearing. Faythe doesn’t want to be part of the pride, she doesn’t want to conform to the standards that a werecat should. She just wants to live her own life and follow her own rules. Her dad is the Alpha male of the Pride and he doesn’t want to let Faythe go. He believes that she is capable of far more but he struggles to help her see that.

For Faythe’s safety, her dad calls her back and puts her on strict house arrest. Until the matter of the kidnappings is resolved, Faythe has to be escorted everywhere she goes. Naturally, this doesn’t hold well for her so she attempts to escape.

Without meaning to, she walks right into the hands of the enemy. Now she must put into practise everything she’s learned from her father, all of the things she had no interest in learning initially…


This one was very slow for me. I found myself getting so annoyed with Faythe as she rebelled against her family. I understand wanting to be independent but it was so obvious her family just wanted her safe and she was too stubborn to realize that. She thought she was invincible and it served her right that she was caught. But as soon as she was in the wrong hand’s I absolutely loved her. Because she was still stubborn and still cocky but it worked.

I recommend this story for those that like the female hero. This girl has got strength and attitude, so as long as you have the patience to read a 600+ page novel, I say go for it!



  1. As the recommender of this book to you, I would have obviously defended it had you beat up on it. But you made valid points and so I’ll let you be… 😉

    Nice review, thanks.

  2. Ah Brown – I’ve got you to read a few things based on these reviews, I figured I’d give one of your books a shot. And I will read Rogue (part 2 in the werecat series) but I’ve a few other titles to read first

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