Posted by: jacstar | December 21, 2008

Enchanted by Nancy Madore

enchantedThe full title is “Enchanted – Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women”

This is a book of short stories and the first erotic novel that I’ve ever read. First of many, I should say. Each feature is based on a fairy tale or classic bedtime story. There is Cinderella, Snow White, The Ugly Duckling, The Goose Girl, etc.

I wasn’t a big fan of Cat and Mouse. This is a story about a cat who chases a mouse to make her do sexual things to him and ultimately end up as his wife. It’s a cute story except for the fact that I couldn’t get over the animal aspect. I also didn’t like the Ugly Duckling. It would have been a good story in the beginning, but unfortunately this was the last story in the book and it just wasn’t erotic at all. In fact, there is absolutely no sex. The entire book is about sexually pleasing women but the Ugly Duckling doesn’t do that at all.

Beauty and the Beast is funny because it’s told from Belle’s perspective and she basically says that everything was good until the Beast became human. Isn’t that always the way? Cinderella trades in her glass slippers for some comfortable pair of shoes that change her into a free spirit.

There is also a story called “Mirror on the Wall” which is about the witch in Snow White. So even the “bad guy” gets their story told.

I would recommend this novel to any woman who hasn’t read erotica. It eases your way into it nicely. I also recommend you read the last story first, otherwise you might be disappointed with the finale.



  1. I thought the sexual fantasies in the stories really fit the fairy tales really well, didn’t you?

  2. for the most part yes, i would agree

    but i remember some of them being a bit strange. perhaps it’s because i wasn’t familiar with the non-erotic version of the tale lol

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