Posted by: jacstar | January 7, 2009

A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern

placehereHere is a place where all missing things (both living and non) turn up. Those people who vanish without a trace, and those socks that go missing from the dryer, all end up Here. Sandy Shortt runs a missing persons agency. She has been consumed with thoughts of missing things and missing people since she was ten years old, when a classmate disappeared and was never found. Thus the story begins.

Jack Ruttle’s brother has been missing for a year. Jack comes across Sandy’s ad and since everyone else has given up hope, he figures he’ll call in an outsider. Maybe a fresh set of eyes is what is needed to solve this mystery.  But then Sandy goes missing.

This is a tale similar to that of the Wizard of Oz, where Sandy is cast as Dorothy. Funnily enough, this is mentioned in the book and although Sandy doesn’t play Dorothy on stage, she does have a hand in the making.  But alas, this is just a tangent.

This novel can be slow at times, but it’s wonderfully written. The ending (without giving anything away) made me cry for Here.

I have to recommend this book to anyone searching for their place in the world. It helps you to appreciate what you already have. You’ll soon realize the cliché “you never know what you have until it’s gone” is quite powerful.

It’s a nice way to think about things that have been misplaced or vanished entirely. But it questions everything you thought you knew.


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