Posted by: jacstar | February 6, 2009

Touch the Dark by Karen Chance

touch-darkThis is the story about a clairvoyant named Cassandra. She has the ability to see, hear, and speak to ghosts. She also gets unpredictable glimpses at the future and the past. She owns and wears a jewelled necklace that is haunted by a ghost named Billy Joe. She was raised by the vampire mafia.

Because vampires are able to ‘feed’ without actually biting, almost everyone is unaware of their existence. Cassie also has a hard time deciphering between myth and legend as she has been told one too many bedtime stories.

In Touch the Dark, Cassie comes across everything including vampires, Mages, Were-animals, witches, fairies, and ghosts obviously. She’s on the run from all of these things it seems. Everyone wants to use her for something or other, or they just want her dead. So she’s got the Vampire Senate looking for her along with the Vampire Mafia and two Mage Circles (one good and one evil). Each group seems to be aligning themselves with some other mythical being.

At this point, I don’t fully have an opinion despite the fact that I’ve completed the novel. So much happens but so little happens. It took half of the book (no exaggeration) before it picked up. The first half of the book is just explanations on how everything works. This is a bunch of stories from Cassandra’s past. The second half, things get quite interesting as the story starts moving forward. I wish the whole book kept this pace, but so much is needed to be explained prior to.

It was a different perspective on vampirism but I found it hard to stay captivated. I almost feel that this should have been two separate books. But that would make the first book, more like a rule book and by itself would probably be boring.

I also found that there was nothing to relate to. This might not sound so surprising as it’s a book about fictional and mythical characters, but there should always be something we can relate to. There was a very graphic sex scene towards the end. I was slightly embarrassed to be reading this on the public transit for fear that someone was looking over my shoulder. I loved the scene and how it was written, so no disrespect, but considering Cassie’s history, it’s just not believable.

Without giving too much of the story away, I feel that anyone with Cassie’s sexual history would also not be able to relate to this scene. Considering that this is the only part in the story that’s remotely realistic, it’s kind of disappointing that it’s not ‘relatable’.

I guess I wanted more in some parts and less in others. Overall the book isn’t bad, but I’d recommend reading it when you can focus all of your attention. Because if you blink, you might miss something important.


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