Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz – Spoiler Alert!!!

Amanda got pregnant by Clement, the married man who seduced her.  She and Mathilda decided that Mathilda would claim the baby as her own and they would both help raise her.  However, the night Amanda went into labor, she decided to run away rather than involving Mattie and Ruth in her lies and deceit.  Ruth saw her walking across the ice and yelled, “Wait for me, Aunt Mandy.”  She stared to run towards Amanda and the baby, waking up Mathilda.

Mathilda was yelling for Amanda to bring Ruth back off the ice and she [Mathilda] started to cross the ice to get Ruth.  When she picked Ruth up, the ice gave way and they started to sink.  Mathilda managed to get Ruth onto the safe ice but Mathilda continued to sink.  Amanda ran over as fast as she could, laying the baby down and grabbing Mathilda, but every time she tried to pull Mathilda up, the ice cracked a little bit more under her.

When the ice under Amanda’s chest started giving way, Mathilda thrust herself once more out of the ice – only to grab Amanda’s hand and bite it as hard as she could.  She knew Amanda wouldn’t let go while there was any small grain of hope left.  So, Mathilda sacrificed herself to save Amanda, Ruth and the tiny baby who grows up to be Imogene.



  1. […] Drowning Ruth by Christina Schwarz – Spoiler Alert!!! […]

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